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TOEIC 英文になれよう〜Linking Verbs

TOEIC リーディングパートに慣れるための英文
★★ Linking Verbs ★★

Linking Verbs って聞いたことある?



今日はそのLinking Verbs についての説明を見てみましょう。


★★ Linking Verbs ★★

Linking verbs do not show action. Instead, they do exactly what their name says. Linking verbs connect or link the words on one side of the verb with the words on the other. The word or words on the right side of a linking verb will either rename or describe the main noun on the left side. It would be impossible for you to memorize the thousands of action verbs available; however, because the list of all linking verbs is short, you can lock these words in your memory and recognize them as these words in a sentence.

** Common Linking Verbs ************
am / are / is / was / were / be / been / being / feel / apear / sound / taste / smell / look / get / grow / seem / become / remain



リンキングバーブはそのverbの一方にあるwordsを反対側にあるwordsとconnect 又はlink させます。
word or words on the right side of a linking verb はon the left side の the main noun をrename(言い換える)か
何千もあるaction verbsを記憶するの無理でしょう。ところが、linking verbs は少しなので、あなたのmemoryに留めておいて、センテンスの中でちゃんと理解しましょう。


linking verbs はbe動詞と、上に示したいくつかの動詞だけです。

linking verbs は‘= (イコール)’に置き換えられます。


I am Kumi. I= Kumi
The boy was very tired. boy= tired
The men are happy about their jobs. the men = happy
She gets nervous before a speech. she = nervous


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