TOEIC 英文になれよう〜The United States Medical Association TOEIC  リーディングパート 英文になれよう!


TOEIC 英文になれよう〜The United States Medical Association

TOEIC リーディングパートに慣れるための英文
★★ The United States Medical Association ★★

Do you buy pharmaceuticals online? The US NMA was specifically established to protect the consumer. Our experts check every online shop for bogus medicines. The blacklist of unreliable or simply fraud shops is updated every week. We strongly recommend to visit our site before buying any medical products online .

Our site

The common ways of online cheating are:
- delivery of low quality or fraud products.
- an enormous delay (up to 2-3 months) in delivery of products.
- shops obtain all the credit cards numbers and other credit information and then simply send nothing.
- shops sell unlicensed products they know nothing or very little about.
- shops themselves don't have a license to sell the pharmaceuticals.

Please check our blacklist of unreliable and fraud shops before buying any medical products online!!! Protect your family and yourself.


・pharmaceutical 調合薬,医薬,薬
・bogus にせものの,いんちきの
・fraud 詐欺,詐欺的行為,いんちき
・obtain 得る,手に入れる,入手する


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