TOEIC 英文に慣れよう〜Science Specialty Class TOEIC  リーディングパート 英文になれよう!


TOEIC 英文に慣れよう〜Science Specialty Class

TOEIC リーディングパートに慣れるための英文
★★ Science Specialty Class ★★


This spring School PTA will once again host the popular after school hands-on science enrichment class for students entering first through fourth grade. Each class includes; demonstrations, hands-on activities and ongoing activities. Taught by certified teachers, these classes are sure to delight and inspire the budding scientist in your child. Reading, following directions, critical thinking, measurement and teamwork are all strengthened in this course.
These are all new classes and were not offered last year. The cost will be $70.00 and will include all supplies. Classes will meet for 1 hour per week or six weeks in the Elementary School Science Lab.
Students may bring a small snack to class if they so desire. Class size is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
A confirmation will be sent via email after your registration and payment have been received and the minimum class size has been met.



・hands-on 実際に体験(実験)できる
・enrichment 豊かにすること
・ongoing 継続している
・certified 有資格の
・budding 芽を出しかけた
・Science Lab 理科室
・a first-come, first-served 先着順
・via 〜を経て
・registration 登録 

★ a first-come, first-served 先着順

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