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TOEIC 英文に慣れよう〜Hoops for Heart

TOEIC リーディングパートになれるための英文
★★ Hoops for Heart  ★★

Dear Parents/Guardian,

Hoops for Heart is a fun event! It encourages community service and is educational. Our students will learn basketball skills while raising money to fund lifesaving research and educational programs.

Our school also earns gift certificates for physical education equipment!

Family and Friends are welcome to support your child's participation by making contributions. However, we ask that children do not go to door to door or ask strangers for donations. Participants will receive thank you gifts based on the amount of contributions they collect.

We will be running our Hoops for Heart event in our regular Physical Education classes. Our format will be a Hot Shot Blitz competition.
The top 10 boys and girls in each grade will compete for School Champion at an all school assembly. The winners will shoot off against high school basketball players.

Our goal is to raise over 3,000 dollars. If we meet this goal, Mr. McCoy will have a new hair style!!!




・hoops 輪っかのことで、この場合、バスケットボールのゴールの輪っかから、バスケットのゲームの事を指します。

・Guardian 保護者--両親以外の人(親戚など)と一緒に住んでいる子供もいるので、Parentsだけではなくこれも書かれています。
・gift certificates 商品券や金券など、ギフト券のこと

・physical educaton 体育

・contribution 寄付

・door to door 一軒一軒

・donation 寄付

・participant 参加者

・Hot Shot Blitz competition ホットショットブリッツ大会
      適当につけたイベント名 多分10回シュートとし

・goal 目標

・If we meet this goal, Mr. McCoy will have a new hair style!!!
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