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★★ Love is  ★★



★★ Love is  ★★

◎first-grade boy

Love is a time for caring and sharing
And listening and kissing
On days you have fun
And sit under the sun
You go to the pool
And look cool


◎sixth-grade girl

Love is what you want it to be.
It can be as wide as a sea,
Or as tall as a tree.
Some loves are everlasting,
Others last a short while.
Some loves include kisses,
While others just smile.
But all love has passion,
It's in everyone.
So go spread you love,
And shine like the sun.



◎seventh-grade girl

Love is laughing with your family,
Having coco by the fire,
Making an ice cream sundae
With everything you desire.
Love is learning to play a sport,
Enjoying each and everyday,
Making an accomplishment
And having time to play.
Love is reading with your grandparents,
Playing with stuffed toys,
Pretending to be a dinosaur,
And making lots of noise.
Love comes in many forms,
But whatever it may be,
Enjoy it daily and live in harmony.

・by the fire=炎のそば?この寒いのに外でキャンプファイアーでも焚くの??? 
 いえいえ違います。 暖炉のそばと言うことです。
・stuffed toys=ぬいぐるみのおもちゃ

◎seventh-grade boy

Love is the gift of giving
With happiness and glee
Love is the gift of giving
When sitting around the Christmas tree
Love is the gift of giving
From dawn till nightfall
Love is the gift of giving
By helping the needy and poor
Love is the gift of giving
Which gives everyone's heart a little bit more

・needy=生活の苦しい ですが、theが付いているので、

この国で、LOVE と言うと、give, share, help, care, kind, family

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