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TOEIC 英文に慣れよう 〜 空手クラス

★★ Karate Class ★★


This 10 week beginner karate class is an awesome
opportunity for children to learn character
development while having fun doing karate.
The objective of the class is to help students
develop a leadership attitude. One way this is done
is by reciting a "Student Creed" before and after
each class that emphasizes positive manner,
self-discipline and respect. Children will also be
learning a traditional "Form" that teaches basic
punching and kicking while helping to develop balance,
coordination and motor skills.

Cost : $48 per child in 1st through 4th grade

--Optional--: You may purchase karate uniform for $30.00
        at the first class.

Date and Time : Fridays in the Primary School Cafeteria
           from 7:15 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

To request a registration form please email PTA coordinator: or call #xxx-xxxx


・awesome : すばらしい
・objective : 目標、目的
・reciting : reciteの動名詞形 reciteは唱える
・"Student Creed" : 生徒の心得みたいなやつ
・emphasizes : 強調する
・motor skills : 運動能力
・in 1st through 4th grade : 1年生から4年生まで
・Fridays : 毎週金曜日なのでsがついています。
・the Primary School : 小学校のことです。
・a registration form : 申し込み用紙

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